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The Roaring Lion Monument

The Roaring Lion Monument

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The Roaring Lion Monument statuette: Small replica of the lion statue which was designed by the sculptor Avraham Melnikov (1892-1960), and was placed as a tombstone and memorial to the eight killed in the battle of Tel-Hai (11 Bader, 3/1/1920). The Battle of Tel Hai has become a symbol of bravery and sacrifice in the Jewish community in Israel, and the 11th of Adar is a national day of remembrance, known as "Tel Hai Day", where a state memorial service is held every year in the Roaring Lion Square in memory of the defenders of Tel Hai. Melnikov's Roaring Lion statue Inaugurated in Kfar Giladi, on the 7th of Adar, 1334 (22.2.1934), about 14 years after they fell in battle.

  • Specs:

    • Material: Resin
    • Weight: 280 gr
    • Dimensions: 85X60X150 mm
    • Outer packaging dimensions: 190X140X105 cm
    • Regular Edition (unnumbered and unlimited)
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