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The story of Masada holds unparalleled significance in shaping the national identity of the people residing in Zion. Like many myths, it served as a powerful tool in shaping the consciousness of the pre-state Jewish community in Israel, which was in dire need of symbols and sources of inspiration to cope with the complex reality and foster a sense of pride, unity, and shared destiny. Over the years, it has continued to serve as spiritual nourishment for generations of fighters and leaders, youth movements and tour guides, writers and poets, and has stood as a constant reminder of the importance of the struggle for freedom and independence.

Towards the end of the last century, the symbolic weight of Masada began to wane. The myth, and the values it sought to impart, lost their potency in favor of "historical reality," resulting in a Pyrrhic victory. In these times, when a sense of being the "last bastion" pervades Israeli society, it is both desirable and necessary to restore Masada to its former glory, drawing strength and solace from the same wells of national resilience that our ancestors did. For even if we stand alone on the ramparts, Masada will not fall again.


Limited Edition of 200

Each shield is crafted from solid walnut wood, adorned with reliefs inspired by the Jewish coins issued during the Great Revolt, which began in 66 CE and culminated in 73 CE with the fall of Masada - the rebels' last stronghold.


Dimensions and Features: 

H: 34 cm | W: 24.7 cm | D: 2.2 cm

Each shield's back is numbered and features a hidden hanger for easy wall display. Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, wrapped in silk paper and foam for protection.

Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.


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